Ben Woodward

This is a post from Ben Woodward, founder and CEO at Nonprofit Elite. Starting a nonprofit organization shouldn’t be this difficult, I remember thinking. It was 2006, and I’d been talking with attorneys and CPAs for weeks trying to start our family’s private charitable foundation. I felt prepared going in, fresh off a graduate degree in Nonprofit Management and six years experience as a nonprofit director. I just needed a little help – someone to point me in the right direction. Instead I ran into a brick wall. I had questions but couldn’t get answers. I called for legal advice and was referred elsewhere. I had money but not that much money. Finding the right kind of help was next to impossible. So instead I ended up doing most of the work myself, and over a period of months our private foundation was formed. For me personally this was a rewarding experience. Being involved in the formation process [...]

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Volunteer Management Best Practices

Volunteer Management Best Practices - Guest Post by VounteerMark. People are constantly volunteering to make a difference in the world.  Make sure your volunteer management program is up-to-date so your volunteers have a great experience and your organization is retaining volunteers.  This is what volunteers want: To be clear on dates and times.  It’s easy to forget when you’re supposed to volunteer, so make sure that you clearly and effectively communicate when they are supposed to be at a certain place. To be guided.  Volunteers want to know that they are being efficient.  If they aren’t trained for a task, they might feel unprepared and unguided.  Walk them through the process of how to do their job before you let them loose. To do important work.  Volunteers want to make an impact.  If volunteers feel needed, they will keep coming back to help out. To work in a friendly atmosphere.  Volunteers are donating their time and want it to be [...]

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