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7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Forming A Nonprofit

Forming your own 501c3 nonprofit organization is a lot of work, and if not done correctly could cause you some big headaches or even legal issues. Just like with any project, you shouldn’t go at it alone. Even nonprofits need an internal team to help with all of the day-to-day operations and those that are external like consultants. If you’re looking to start your own nonprofit, keep reading to learn about seven common mistakes to avoid in the process. Understanding Nonprofit vs For-Profit A lot of newbies in the nonprofit world overlook just how strict the laws and regulations are to define nonprofit. Walking the fine line between nonprofit and for-profit can land you into some trouble. If you’ve already obtained your 501c3 tax exemption status, you could be at risk to lose it. For example, the amount of revenue a nonprofit receives can only exceed its expenses by so much. Downplaying The Legal Side [...]


Choosing Your Local Nonprofit Consultant

As a professional in the nonprofit field, you have a plethora of responsibilities to fulfill. From networking with supporters to other professionals to provide services, you’ve got your plate full. It can consume a lot of your time, leaving you very little leftover to strategize about next steps. That’s where Nonprofit Elite steps in. Nonprofits all over the country, and even the world, hire consultants for a wide range of consulting. It’s important to find a consultant that matches your style and professional choices, which can make it harder for you to find the right consultant. Here are some things to keep in mind for hiring a nonprofit consultant. What Is A Nonprofit Consultant And What Do They Do? When it comes to nonprofits and charities, certain things tend to be a bit different when compared to their for-profit counterparts. Because of this, many people often ask: what does a nonprofit consultant do? Nonprofit consultants [...]


5 Essential Things To Include In Your Nonprofit’s Bylaws

The process for filing your 501c3 application can be delayed if you make mistakes. Many people try to complete the entire process themselves without any help from an experienced nonprofit expert. Not only can this delay the process, but it can even get your nonprofit denied. A nonprofit’s bylaws are an extremely important, legally binding document that basically governs how the nonprofit will function. The language used in certain sections of your bylaws can also be the difference in being approved or denied your 501c3 status. The IRS is very particular about it. Here are some essential components to include in your bylaws to ensure an easy process. The Basic Information It’s probably obvious, especially to you, but you should still include all of the basic information about your nonprofit in your bylaws. This information includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Name of the organization. Location of your organization (if you have more than [...]


Why Are Bylaws Important For A 501c3?

One of the important steps to forming a 501c3 nonprofit organization is the drafting of its bylaws. If you are new to the nonprofit world, the concept of bylaws may leave you with a question. Or many questions. Here at Nonprofit Elite, we specialize in answering these questions and assist in drafting these bylaws to meet your organization’s needs. So, what exactly are bylaws and why are they important? Let’s go over this important step. What Are Bylaws? First, let’s look at what the bylaws are. A bylaw is defined as a rule made by a company or society to control the actions of its members. This isn’t nearly as totalitarian as it sounds. Simply put, a nonprofit’s bylaws are the governing document that establishes how the Board of Directors will operate. These bylaws should also be tailored towards the overall goal and mission of the nonprofit organization as a whole. If you are familiar with the business world [...]


Ben Woodward

This is a post from Ben Woodward, founder and CEO at Nonprofit Elite. Starting a nonprofit organization shouldn’t be this difficult, I remember thinking. It was 2006, and I’d been talking with attorneys and CPAs for weeks trying to start our family’s private charitable foundation. I felt prepared going in, fresh off a graduate degree in Nonprofit Management and six years experience as a nonprofit director. I just needed a little help – someone to point me in the right direction. Instead I ran into a brick wall. I had questions but couldn’t get answers. I called for legal advice and was referred elsewhere. I had money but not that much money. Finding the right kind of help was next to impossible. So instead I ended up doing most of the work myself, and over a period of months our private foundation was formed. For me personally this was a rewarding experience. Being involved in the formation process [...]


Volunteer Management Best Practices

Volunteer Management Best Practices - Guest Post by VounteerMark. People are constantly volunteering to make a difference in the world.  Make sure your volunteer management program is up-to-date so your volunteers have a great experience and your organization is retaining volunteers.  This is what volunteers want: To be clear on dates and times.  It’s easy to forget when you’re supposed to volunteer, so make sure that you clearly and effectively communicate when they are supposed to be at a certain place. To be guided.  Volunteers want to know that they are being efficient.  If they aren’t trained for a task, they might feel unprepared and unguided.  Walk them through the process of how to do their job before you let them loose. To do important work.  Volunteers want to make an impact.  If volunteers feel needed, they will keep coming back to help out. To work in a friendly atmosphere.  Volunteers are donating their time and want it to be [...]