How Much Does it Cost to File for 501c3 Tax Exemption

Cost of 501c3

How much does it cost to file for 501c3 tax exemption?  Let me answer this question in two parts:

First, there is the required IRS Form 1023 application fee, which is either $400 or $850 depending on your organization’s projected income over the next three years.  If your organization’s projected annual revenue averages $10,000 or more during the next three years, then your application fee is $850.  If your organization’s projected annual revenue averages less than $10,000 during the next three years, then your application fee is $400. 

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Is Your IRS Form 990 Due May 15th? We Can Help!

Is Your IRS Form 990 Due May 15th? We Can Help!  Most nonprofit organizations are required to file IRS Form 990 each year to stay compliant with the IRS (churches are an exception).  Form 990 is due five months and fifteen days after the end of your fiscal year. For those with a January-December accounting year, this means May 15 is your due date! Which Form 990 you file is determined by whether or not your organization is a Public Charity or Private Foundation and by your organization’s revenue during your previous year. Most small public charities (less than $50,000 […]

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Client Spotlight: Not in Our City takes on Child Sex Trafficking

Client Spotlight: Not in Our City takes on Child Sex Trafficking In 2014, Angie Goeke and Alicia Maroney attended a presentation about the prevalence of child sex trafficking in their city of Katy, Texas, and decided to take action. After careful planning and research, they contacted Nonprofit Elite and formed a 501c3 organization called Not In Our City. Not In Our City (NIOC) works in the Houston area and utilizes a three-pronged approach to advance their mission: First, they inform their community about the frequency of child sex trafficking through public presentations and events aimed at revealing the secret world […]

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Updated and Current Form 1023 Filing Costs for 2018

Updated and Current Form 1023 Filing Fees – 2018 As of January, 2018, the IRS filing fee (or User Fee) for filing IRS Form 1023 is $600 regardless of your organization’s previous revenue or projected revenue.  The IRS filing fee or (or User Fee) for filing IRS Form 1023-EZ is now $275, regardless of your organization’s previous revenue or projected revenue. For more information on 501c3 application costs or help with formation documents, please call 1-800-268-4388 or email .

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Our Story – Nonprofit Elite

The story behind Nonprofit Elite…

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New $275 Form 1023-EZ User Fee (July 1, 2016)

Beginning July 1, 2016, the IRS has changed the User Fee for IRS Form 1023-EZ from $400 to $275 for all applicants.  This new fee applies only to those Form 1023-EZ applications prepared and submitted after July 1, 2016. In addition to lowering the application fee, we also expect the IRS to add several new safeguards to the Form 1023-EZ application process to continue discouraging non-qualified applications.  These new safeguards could include revisions to the actual Form 1023-EZ and increased follow-up correspondence with the IRS to verify appropriate formation documents and tax exempt provisions contained within those formation documents (Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws).  Overall, we expect the IRS to […]

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IRS Form 1023-EZ Help and Services

IRS Form 1023-EZ Help, Cost and Services Searching for IRS Form 1023-EZ help, cost or filing services?  Nonprofit Elite can help! We are excited to offer a more affordable and faster 501c3 application process to small and mid-size nonprofit organizations seeking to obtain tax exempt status from the IRS. The newly-released 501c3 application is called IRS Form 1023-EZ and is appropriate for most nonprofit organizations with projected annual receipts of $50,000 or less and total assets of $250,000 or less (excluding churches, schools, hospitals, medical research organizations, and a few other types).  The IRS User Fee for this new Form 1023-EZ is $400 for all […]

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IRS Approval – Phoebe’s Phriends

Congratulations to Nonprofit Elite client (CT) Phoebe’s Phriends who recently received their approved IRS Letter of Determination. This is a wonderful organization that raises money for Pediatric Cancer Research, and they are doing a great job! And for anyone curious, the IRS review process took approximately eight months for this application, which is unfortunately pretty normal during these past few months.

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Congratuatlions to American Trooper – New 501c3!

We want to congratulate Nonprofit Elite client Shanessa Coburn and American Trooper on their approval as a new 501c3 tax exempt organization!  To learn more about American Trooper and their good work supporting US soldiers and veterans, please visit their website at

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Podio Sponsorship for Nonprofit Elite

The best news of the day (so far) is that Podio has decided to sponsor Nonprofit Elite with use of their outstanding online project collaboration platform.  If you’ve not yet looked into Podio and what they can do for your nonprofit organization or business, it’s definitely worth your time to check them out.  Our team uses Podio as our online headquarters to collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world.  The system makes our work more efficient and certainly more enjoyable.  Thank you Podio for your sponsorship of Nonprofit Elite!

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