Is Your IRS Form 990 Due May 15th?

We Can Help!  Most nonprofit organizations are required to file IRS Form 990 each year to stay compliant with the IRS (churches are an exception).  Form 990 is due five months and fifteen days after the end of your fiscal year. For those with a January-December accounting year, this means May 15 is your due date!

Which Form 990 you file is determined by whether or not your organization is a Public Charity or Private Foundation and by your organization’s revenue during your previous year.

  • Most small public charities (less than $50,000 per year in revenue) will file IRS Form 990-N.
  • Larger organizations must file IRS Form 990EZ or IRS Form 990.
  • Private Foundations are required to file IRS Form 990-PF.
is your irs form 990 due may 15th

File IRS Form 990-N with Nonprofit Elite

Nonprofit Elite can assist you with preparation of IRS Form 990-N only. Give us a call today: 800.268.4388. We’re glad to help!