In 2014, Angie Goeke and Alicia Maroney attended a presentation about the prevalence of child sex trafficking in their city of Katy, Texas, and decided to take action. After careful planning and research, they contacted Nonprofit Elite and formed a 501c3 organization called Not In Our City.

Not In Our City (NIOC) works in the Houston area and utilizes a three-pronged approach to advance their mission: First, they inform their community about the frequency of child sex trafficking through public presentations and events aimed at revealing the secret world of trafficking. Second, NIOC invests in educational curriculum that exposes the dangers of sex trafficking to both students and teachers in Texas schools.  Third, NIOC is committed to helping the community defend itself through partnership programs with like-minded organizations and the promotion of legislative action to fight trafficking and protect children at any cost.

Client Spotlight: Not in Our City takes on Child Sex Trafficking

In just a short time NIOC has already presented to 800+ youth across Texas about the dangers of sex trafficking and how to protect themselves. You can help support this organization by participating in the #giveaflip about sex trafficking campaign. Film yourself trying to flip a water bottle and have it land on end. Then post to your social media using #giveaflip. You can also follow @NotInOurCity on Instagram!